Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We had some 'excitement' with lice just before the durian trip.  My sis discovered lice in her girls' hair.  So I checked my girls and oh-oh.... lice! Someone must have brought lice home from school! Ended up lots of people - Ah Kong and Ah Mah included - had to go through the process of dousing hair with lice shampoo and combing with a fine-toothed comb onto a piece of white paper (so that can see the lice and eggs).

This happened when the maid was combing out JE's hair.  I was watching the process.

Maid:  See this one? Got blood inside. It was sucking your blood
JE:  What happen when people got no more blood?
Maid:  Hahaha got no more blood, DIE lah! Hahaha.
JE: ....

After a minute, head still bent for kakak to comb....
Me and Maid: Why? Why cry?
JE:  Dowan no more blood... WaaAAAAA

Hahah this kiddo. Thought she was going to die from a few tiny lice.

Stop laughing at me, Mummy!

Anyway, it was only the girls and one maid who had lice, the boys and the other adults were fine.  SE had it mild as her hair is fine and not thick - cleared up after one application of shampoo.  JE's cleared up after about 3 times.


  1. I was once helping in an under privileged children's home and when the management found out that some of the girls had lice in their hair, they decided to cut the girls' hair short. These girls are not worried about the lice but more of their beauty because they started to cry on hearing that they cannot keep long hair!

  2. oh hair had lice too once. It was very difficult to get rid off coz hair was long.

    Yea...most likely got it from school.

  3. I think all children go through this. No issue at all. Just kill all the lice will do and comb them out.

  4. Oh no... so xian but luckily you all discovered it early before it got on more people. I dread the day if Lil Pumpkin will get lice.. her hair is so thick!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Nancy, girls are very sensitive about hair! Probably was worried have to cut until botak.

    SK, true. Short hair much easier.

    Mun, seems fine already now.

    Ai, yeah will be tough if long AND thick hair like lil Pumpikin's.