Friday, July 24, 2015

Get lost

Last month, I had to go to a dental specialist. So I was telling my maid that I had to leave early the next day for my 9am appointment.  That this dentist was far, located in the city centre.  And that I hoped I wouldn't get lost driving there.  We were all in my car heading home at the time.

When we reached home, JE asked me why I had to go to this dentist. I was mindful not to frighten her with horror stories (in truth I was shivering in my shoes in anticipation of the visit, and the bill!). So I told her this dentist is better than the one I usually go to.  She said, "but so far!".  I said I HAD to go to this one.  She said, "but you can get lost.".  I just said "never mind, should be ok" and went upstairs to put my stuff down.

A while later, I heard crying.  Volume got louder as the 'cryer' came upstairs.

It was JE.

Me:  Aww why are you crying?
Me: Did you fight with SE?
JE:  No.... waaAAAA
Me:  Then what happened?
JE:  WaaAAAA I don't.. (sob).. I don't want Mummy... (sob) to get lost.... waaaaaAAAA
Me:  Ohh you thought Mummy going to get lost forever?
JE:  WaaAAAA then (sob) I have no more Mummy....

HAHAHAAAA the kiddo had taken my comment literally!  Thought she was going to lose her Mummy.

Had to secretly wipe away my tears of mirth.  I should be thankful that she was so distressed at the thought of losing me!

This mummy is laughing at me... hmmf


  1. So touching to read your post about SE. She is growing into a beautiful young lady!

  2. So sweet of JE. She loves you so much!

    About the dentist. Really that good ah. Can recommend? I thought there is a dentist in Uptown that is very good and Uptown is nearer to your home, right?

  3. she so sayang you leh. ya lor sometimes kids takes what we say literally

  4. Nancy, thanks. :)

    Mun, mine is a failed root canal case. My regular dentist referred me to this Tan Endodontic Specialist. Trust me, better if you never need to go there! It will cost me over rm4k in total. 1 out of 3 visits down.

    SK, yeah nice to know she does sayang me!

    1. I have two root canals done 12 years ago. Hopefully after 3 visits you will not need to visit the dentist again.

  5. aww you mean so much to her :)