Monday, July 13, 2015

Of kindy and stationery

It has been half a year since JE started kindy and she has regularly been losing stationery. I once gave JE a princess-themed mechanical pencil.  The very next day, she reported that a girl called Rainy had taken it.  And told her, "Ask your mummy to buy another one."  I wasn't happy but decided not to fuss over a small thing.  A few days later, she came back with a hair clip which Rainy had given her. Hmm fair and square I suppose?

Worst-hit were mechanical pencils and erasers - apparently a few kids in her class threw them around until they were lost or broken. How does an eraser get broken, you might ask?  Well this particular red one got stabbed in the middle with pencils until it became 2 pieces. I don't want to be replacing stationery every other day. Yet my heart ached to think of my child always having to use broken things or having to borrow from other kids. And yes, I also worried that she was being targeted as someone who could be bullied.

No no I'm fine, Mummy

Initially I just agreed that so-and-so was 'naughty' and shouldn't be doing things like that. Later I started asking her to get the item back from the person who'd taken it. Eventually I shifted the burden onto her - she must take care of her things and not let other people take them.  And I bought extras just in case.

The worst perpetrator was a girl named Chloe. At one stage, JE was telling us, "I don't like to go to school because Chloe always tear my book/take my pencil/throw my things/etc".  Hubby went for the parents-teacher meet session (I had training and couldn't make it) and I got him to request for a change of seating position. The teacher also conformed that Chloe "liked to tease others" - which must be merely a diplomatic way of putting it.

Chloe proved a tough nut though. Seating was changed but Chloe walked over to JE and tore her book again. And took an eraser. And broke a ruler. She was clever enough to time these when the teacher wasn't around. I pressured JE to to take that eraser back. Chloe was brazen enough to shout at her. JE backed down, told me it was ok and she could use the red half-eraser (the one that got stabbed hehe).

Sigh. What to do right?  Latest development.... JE asked Chloe if she wanted to be her best friend. And Chloe said yes. Ah haha... twist in the tale, no?

Told you I'm fine, Mummy!

I'm skeptical of course. Still, let's see what happens next!


  1. J punya every day also hv something missing

  2. J punya every day also hv something missing

  3. Some of our kids are just too nice and easily targeted and bullied. But sometimes along the way, they learn how to go about these issue and they turned out fine.

  4. Wah JE is so smart to use a different strategy. What gives her the idea to ask Chloe to be her best friend? Let's see how Chloe treat a best friend. Better or worse?

  5. SK, if she misplaces stuff I'd have given a lecture on being careful. If give away stuff maybe a lecture on value of money. :) But this is a bit like being bullied.

    Nancy, yeah I feel that I need to keep an eye on this.

    Mun, haha I also dunno where it came from! She just asked me if she could give Chloe a hairclip. I retorted let Chloe give you something first since she took so many of your things already. Haha but I think I should let her make the first goodwill move.

    1. Let JE make the first goodwill move, I mean. After all, she suggested the BFF tack.

    2. I am interested to know the outcome of the goodwill move. Please blog about it. Thanks!

  6. kids are so loving and kind.. they hold no grudges usually against people. It's a lovely trait but I'd hate for the really good ones to get stepped all over and taken advantage of too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Ai, esp if the 'good one' is your own kid haha.