Friday, July 10, 2015

Human furniture II

Yep, the little girl who likes human furniture is still at it! Whenever I'm in the living room, it won't be long before she comes along...

Oh good, here's a sofa

Ahh nice and comfy

While the pictures look nice, having SE there isn't entirely pleasant.  A warm body stuck to you isn't that welcome when it's a hot day and everyone is slightly sweaty.  Then there's the other matter that she doesn't sit or lie still.  She wriggles, squirms, climbs up and down, and generally digs her elbows and knees into you while constantly changing position.

Sit up a while then I will lie down again

But I suppose that one day I'd look back and wish she was little enough to still be doing this. 


  1. Very true about looking back and wishing she is still climbing all over you. Why don't you hug and kiss her everytime she climbs on you. If she does not like it she will not climb on you that much anymore.

  2. Hi Stacy, even though it sweaty and uncomfortable, enjoy the moments and bonding while you can. Very soon there comes a time she won't be doing it as often as you wish as she grow older. I used to do on my dad's tummy when I was little hahaaa!

  3. I understand.. my girl is like that too and sometimes I get irritated when she keeps moving around or it's a hot day but she still wants to sit so close. Must try to remember during these times that these days will soon past and they won't want to do this anymore so I better "enjoy" while I can!! :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Mun, she LIKES being hugged and kissed!

    Nancy, haha you can remember being on your dad's tummy? :)

    Ai, true let's 'enjoy' now haha.