Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Potty training

The first round of training was a complete failure.  The second progressed MUCH better!  It helped that we started off with a 5-day stretch at home - my parents went for a short holiday so I took leave. The kiddo didn't have to travel to/fro my parents' place meaning the potty was always within easy reach.   

First were quite a few episodes of 'accidents't and then her gleefully 'skating' around on her own pee. And doing a poo then continuing to play.  She'd get lots of "Why you pee-pee/ugh-ugh on the floor?  That is yucky.  Next time must tell kakak or somebody first ok?" talk after that.  Especially from kakak who had to clean her up hehe.

This my new hat!

After a week, I decided some motivation was in order.  One small M&M if she pees in the potty, one big M&M (peanut version) if she poos.  Ahh that worked much better.  Well actually... that worked so well that she kept going to the potty every 10mins!  Even thought it was just a few drops of pee, she'd have earned that M&M!

Anyway to cut the story short... look at her now!  A month on, she can go to the potty, pull her pants down and sit down all by herself.


I'm a clever girl!

There are still 'accidents'  But it shouldn't be long before we can say bye-bye to diapers.  :)

(Yes this is an extremely small potty.  The one JE was using was apparently mine yonks ago and had become brittle with age.  This blue one was lying around so got commissioned to do the job.) 


  1. Congratulations, SE. You are doing very well! Very soon you can say bye-bye to the diapers!

  2. I've never seen such a small potty before for kids.. usually the big plastic seat kinds haha. Good on her! Lil Pumpkin took to potty training quite easily except that for a long time she still liked to poo in her diapers.. so even if she wore panties, we had to change her to wear diapers when she needed to poo!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Yay....soon will be no need diaper liao.

    Yea....j also last time potty train first round failed

  4. Nancy, yeah!

    Ai, I hadn't seen such a small one either! Dunno who bought it also.

    SK, SE is already 3yo which is very late already. Still, better late than never!

  5. Well done SE! When I first saw the potty I was like why so small and you explained it at the last part of your post. Hope SE will graduate to the toilet soon. I don't think the small tiny potty can last that long.

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  7. Mun, I'd thought it was such an impractical size - thought only a baby could fit and a baby wouldn't be ready for potty training! So I was surprised SE can actually perform on it without pee/poo coming out!

    1. Since it is so small and from the photos of her sitting on it, I don''t think it is comfortable for her so it is indeed surprising that she can perform on it.