Monday, July 27, 2015

Durian trip

This trip to my uncle's durian farm in Bentong had been on our list for a year at least!  Finally made it last weekend...

First up, a stop at Kow Po for ice-cream. I didn't enjoy this though. Thought that only the durian ice-cream was nice. And why bother with ice-cream when you're planning to binge on the real thing? Heh.

Chocolate for the big girl, strawberry for the small girl

After the ice-cream it was supposed to be only a short trip to my uncle's farm. But due to a whole series of miscommunications that saw us making umpteen u-turns, it was a couple of hours before we made it! We did make a stop for a noodle lunch and to check out uncle's new house.

The place has old-fashioned charm, no?

OK we're city folk, let's pose with durians!

Kids messed around on this weighing scale

There are actually bedrooms upstairs

Take a pic of this before I polish it off

The durians were very good - bitter, creamy, packed with flavour. We ate and ate.  After that, one more attraction.... a walk to and around uncle's various fish ponds!  The kids had a blast running around and throwing fish food (more onto the grass than into the ponds!)

Fish food, we need more fish food!

SE refused to eat durian.  But agreed to pick up this 'baby durian' for a photo...

Hold like this, mummy?

My uncle packed us off with containers of durian to take home.  Thanks, uncle!

Open more, more


  1. Oh Stacy, what a great durian feast! Your uncle has a nice farm, some more fishing ponds too! I too have been feasting on durians for the past weeks.

  2. So niceeeeee to own your own durian farm!!! I would probably feast on everything and not sell any hahaha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Eating durians straight from the orchard is the best way to savour the fresh taste! You are so lucky to have an uncle with a durian orchard. JE eats durian but SE does not?

  4. Wow, durian is so yummy, you have a beautiful family ;)

    Marie - The Flower Duet

  5. Nancy, yeah must eat while the season permits!

    Ai, no way you would be able to eat ALL hahaha. They collect durians twice a day and each time the pile is really big.

    Mun, Bentong is a bit far though. And my dad is so paiseh to eat a lot. SE normally eats but this time she just covered her nose and refused.

    M, thanks!

  6. Wah so nice leh. I have never been to a durian orchard before and have ddurian feast.