Thursday, December 17, 2015


I have been busy clearing my annual leave for the year.  The good thing is, I only have to work 2 or 3 days a week since November.  The bad is, I have to squeeze 5 days of work into those days! Unfortunately my workload is high at the moment so I sometimes end up having to work on the days when I'm on leave.

I also have an additional small problem... with people who come along and just plonk themselves onto my lap.

I am helping Mummy work

Me: Mummy has to work. You sit there and don't disturb ok?

See? Ih ticky ticky.

Within a minute...

SE:  Mummy, say hello to Pai-der man.
Me:  ......
SE:  Mummy! Say hello!
Me: Hello, Spiderman.
SE: (Pointing to the hands) Thih ih hih hand.  (Pointing to the feet) Thih ih hih feet.  (Pointing to the waist) And thih ih hih panty.
Me: Panty? Hahah.  OK ok mummy has to work, you play by yourself.

SE:  Pai-der man ih ticky ticky.  See?  Ticky ticky.
Me:  *Gave up trying to work in order to attend to SE and her sticky-sticky spiderman.


  1. Ha ha...SE & sticky-sticky spiderman want your attention la..I guess you will be able to work when she is taking her nap. Have a great weekend!

  2. hehe enjoy your leave and stop work!!! hope everything slows down for you to enjoy your holiday properly :)

  3. Not good to be working when you are on leave. This way the company does not know that they are overloading you with work.

  4. Nancy, yeah when the kids are asleep is about the only time I get work done!

    Ai, I wish, but deadlines are there sigh.

    Mun, problem is I have three roles at the moment. Not good coz people don't know my total workload. Oh well, it should get better soon. And I console myself by thinking that I often do non-work activities during work - surf the net, blog, hehe - so it probably evens out that I work while on leave!

    1. Ya, hope that it gets better for you in 2016. Wah, your company is so nice, still give you all access to the net to blog and etc. Most IT companies have restricted access to social and non-work websites.

    2. Mun, I don't have internet at home, so I ALWAYS blog in the office hehehe.

    3. No internet at home!! How do you survive? hehehe.