Monday, December 28, 2015

Short trip to Genting

School holidays are still on, still time to fit in some activities!  So last weekend it was off to Genting. We used to go VERY often when hubby was a super-valued customer.  He resumed work after a couple of years off and since then hasn't had time to haunt the casino as much.... which is a good thing, really.  Downside is we don't get free rooms, free vouchers and such already.

Oh well, he does have enough points left for a few more free trips.  So what to do there with the theme park closed?

Eat junk food in bed while watching cartoons

Spend lots of time in the bath tub and shower

Munch on pizza

As usual, the kids loved going to the arcade and punching buttons. And nope, I still don't spend actual money on the machines!  Wonder how long before I do though... my hubby commented that these kids were so pitiful hacking away at the non-responsive machines!

For now, happy kids. The weather was cold which was nice.



  1. I think you and family spent a great quality time chilling up in Genting. It sure look the kids were having lots of fun. Its been a long time I haven't been to Genting.

  2. At long as both girls are happy to push the buttons without you having to put money to activate the machines, all is well and good. They are such good children, not to pester you to put coins into the machines for them to play.

  3. haha the boy likes to play arcade too so we do let Lil Pumpkin play sometimes.. can't wait for FOX theme park to open too!! Aiya save your free trips for when they open!!

  4. The girls sure very happy. Now rainy season,..should be quite cold

  5. I was wondering...why Genting where there is no theme park! Hmmmmm.....can pass time easily after all! haha!

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family! May 2016 be a great year for all of you.

  7. Nancy, not much point going now for its own sake. The only attraction would be the cool weather and for that you might as well go to Camerons. :)

    Ai, I believe the points do expire hehe.

    SK, it was hot in KL that time, so the cold (Shivered when I sat on the toilet bowl!) was a surprise.

    Magictree, haha Genting used to be our playground. But I don't know how much of it was truly financed by self-donations in the casino! Hubby learnt to answer that he "won a little bit" every time I asked. Oh well, ignorance is bliss!

    Mun, happy 2016 to you too!

  8. Have not been to any visit during last year's school holiday..holidaying at home saja :D

  9. Agnes, before kids I'd have avoided going anywhere during school holidays! But now I aim to create good memories for them. And once they start school/kindy, no choice but to brave the crowds during holidays.