Monday, December 14, 2015

To the zoo!

The weather was good last Sunday, so decided it was a good day for the zoo.  It's still the long year-end school holidays and I aim to put in a few more activities with the kids.  Our last visit to the zoo was ooh, 3 years ago already.

This isn't a petting zoo but JE found a friendly pony.

Pet pet pet

After a while, SE noticed she didn't have the wristband that everyone else had. Kicked up a fuss so we fashioned one for her out of a spare leaflet. (Admission tickets are needed for kids above 3, but she's just over 3 so... sneak her in without ticket hehe)

Now I have thih also. Nek (next) time don't forget one for me

So we saw various animals. :)




It rained before we were done, so had to wait it out. Hubby said there was fried rice etc on sale, but I only saw snacks at the two kiosks I checked. Oh well, what the girls wanted were snacks.

SE: Popcorn!
JE: I want it, I want to hold it

JE: Popcorn!
(Love her thrilled expression, luckily managed to snap)

We were pretty tired after!  All that walking.  Next time I must bring more food.  We only had lunch around 4.30pm after leaving.

Greetings from the zoo!

The kids enjoyed themselves. Till the next visit (maybe in another 2-3 years...)


  1. Hehehehe, SE is so observant nowadays, nothing gets past her eyes so must get a entrance wrist band (albeit a self-made one) for her.

  2. Both girls are so cute. Love the facial expression of JE looking at the popcorn. I love popcorn too!

  3. We went to the zoo recently for Lil Pumpkin's graduation party! After that spent most of the time at the water playground.. saw a bit of animals then it started to rain :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. hahaha...i have forgotten when was the last time we when to the zoo. J kindie did go to the zoo....errrr...maybe.

  5. Mun, lucky got spare paper lying around hahaha.

    Nancy, this particular popcorn wasn't that nice. What to do, monopoly situation in the zoo. :)

    Ai, rain is always a problem! Or too much sun.

    SK, if not for the kids, both hubby and I will gladly skip even if offered free ticket hehe.