Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ipoh Trip 2015 - Days 2 and 3

Started day 2 with breakfast at Kong Heng and then a visit to Seenivasagam park. :)  Nothing particularly special about this park, just that it used to be our frequent haunt when me and my siblings were living in Ipoh.  As usual, maintenance isn't great.  The kids enjoyed the play equipment.

Who's next to climb up the ladder?

Some complained about the heat (city people, sigh) so next we just went to Ipoh Parade. Lunch at Yum Yum (food is all right, but I'm sure there are better places).  Then back for an afternoon nap. There are restrictions when travelling with a big group comprising small kids, so we just took it easy. And ate a lot.  Dinner we went to Gluttons Square hawker centre - I enjoyed most of the food we ordered! My kids, who aren't all that interested in food, weren't too happy.

When told we were going out and it was for dinner:

JE: Mummy, I'm not hungryyyy
SE: Mummy, I'm fullll

Later that night, when I asked them what they wanted for breakfast, this is what I got:

SE:  I don't want to eat any more

Can't be arranging foodie trips with these two, sigh.

Next day, went to Sam Poh Tong.  This time, was determined to take a family photo!  Here:

Say cheese!

The kids had a blast feeding the animals.  For turtles, the traditional 'kangkong' (watercress?) and baby tomatoes were on sale.

Girls feeding turtles

Turtles prefer baby tomatoes to 'kangkong'

Then bought food for the next type of animal...


This was a good place for the kids! We went to buy snacks after that and then lunch.  Lunch was disappointing though. We were aiming for Nam Heong, but it was packed.  We chose a random shop nearby and ended up with really lousy food. Uggh in Ipoh which is known for good food!  In hindsight we should just have driven off somewhere.  Oh well, next time.

I wanted to try the famous tau foo fah.  Hmm read from some blogs that a bowl costs 80sen... well our packed versions were RM2.50 each.  Which is a pretty steep inflation rate!  My kids refused more food.  Aiyoo.

Don't want food, please go away

OK, so when's our next family trip...  :)


  1. haha same for Lil Pumpkin.. eating is like wasting time for her when she can be somewhere else playing or exploring!! ;p

  2. Lol....cannot be foodie then. But kids memang like that. Sometimes eat a lot some times they dont feel like eating

  3. Oh yes, most kids don't look and ask for food. Only adults go on foodie trips. So sorry about the lousy food that you've mentioned.

  4. You all are really great to be able to get everyone to go on a nice big family trip. The children must be very happy to feed the turtles. I did not know Sam Poh Tong has turtles to be fed. Not that interested in food? That's good, just eat enough to be full will be healthy.

  5. I remembered the "michael Jackson soya bean ( soya + black jelly)" was really good. Wow! Rm2.50....nothing is cheap now!

  6. Ai, exactly haha.

    SK, my kids are worse than usual one! At least J enjoys his food.

    Nancy, it's ok haha.

    Mun, turtles have been at SPT since when I was a kid. :) Actually there were more previously - the very huge ones must have passed on.

    Magictree, hear hear...