Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No-good eater

JE has never been easy to feed.  She doesn't like many categories of food, won't eat all that much of of food that she DOES like and what's more, will take a long time to eat it.

She's usually the last one left at the table at meal-times.  She was doing this so I grabbed my camera....


What, mummy? I'm eating my lunch

WHAT? I'm still eating!

She doesn't like bread, pastries, cake... oh wait it'd be easier to list the food she DOES like. There are basically just two - 1) crunchy food and 2) salty food.  Better still if the two are combined, e.g. Japanese rice crackers.



  1. Ha ha..makes sure there are crunchy or salty food for her. Merry Christmas to you and family!

  2. Wah, like that when she grows up, unlike other teenage girls who diet and watch their weight, JE would have no such problems.

  3. I think most kids(and adults too) would love crunchy food...and some salty food too. Give them fries sure happy liao LOL...or maybe can do like those tempura...fried spinach

  4. Nancy, but I want to REDUCE her intake of junk... haha.

    Mun, might be like the hubs, got problem gaining weight.

    SK, gah I hate deep-frying though!