Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stressed meal-times

When will these kiddos behave like normal people I wonder?  :)  Went for sushi last weekend...

Upon sitting down, had to restrain SE from ordering unwanted items via the online menu. She has done that before when nobody was looking at her for a few minutes - we managed to cancel one item and ate the other one.  Funny how someone who doesn't read yet is able order food...

I want to press buttons on the iPad! I want!

Then JE and SE fought over 'helping' hubby prepare his wasabi...  SE had to retire from the fight after our maid pulled her away.

Stir stir stir stir.... STIR STIR STIR 

Then JE and SE fought over the printed menu.  JE got it and SE wasn't happy...


Also had to restrain them from going wild with the chopsticks, the sauce plates, the soy sauce, the pickled ginger, picking unwanted items off the conveyer belt.  Stress to the max!

Luckily they settled down once food started arriving.

Mummy's lunch is so cute!

When these two monkeys are all grown up, I might miss the time when I had my hands so full with them.  :)

Want poke Jo-jo's tongue... heheheee


  1. we had those busy time before, luckily they did not break anything in the restaurants. It is easier now as they have grown up a little. Soon they will become teenagers, another phase of difficult time for us parents.

  2. wah your lunch really looks good!!

    Going to eat at sushi train restaurants is always such fun for the kids, but so stressful for the parents hahaha

  3. Hi Stacy, enjoy them while you can. Very soon they will enter into another phase and all too soon, they will be too busy with their own thing.

  4. When they are older then you can eat in peace in restaurants but they are cute, right, playing with this and that in the restaurants.

  5. Agnes, I can think of a couple of times with things broken already. :) I would need to be an octopus to stop their 4 hands (and 4 legs) from mischief!

    Ai, it was smaller than expected. :) So I had to eat lots of other stuff too, which might be a good thing heh.

    Nancy, yeah I always remind myself to enjoy this time. Sometimes really need that as they can be such a handful!

    Mun, yeah cute also. Cuteness and stress in big portions, aiyo.