Monday, April 18, 2016


JE started kindy at age 4+ and had picked up most of the alphabet beforehand. By the same standard, I figured it was about time SE started learning too.

But as they say, every child is different. THIS child refused to even look when I tried to teach. I tried and failed, left it. Tried another day and failed, left it. Repeat multiple times. Until one day I had a brainwave. SE loves those 'Look and find' books, where a panel at the side of the page contains items to look for and the rest of the page is the picture where you find those items.

I wrote 'A' on a drawing board and handed her a book open at a page with a capital 'A' somewhere. I asked her to find 'A' on the page. AND SHE EAGERLY DID.

YES! Breakthrough!

Let me read this for you...

We went to Tesco and she kept calling out 'A' loudly. (Coz there was the word 'JIMAT' or  'Save' everywhere haha)

Hang on, let me find 'A'

That was a few months back... delay in blogging heh.  Will update current status later!


  1. Stacy, that was a great breakthrough. Very soon she will know all the alphabets. You have made learning interesting for SE!

  2. Wow! So glad you didn't give up and put on your thinking cap to find a solution to teach SE the way that she likes to learn. There is no one method to teach a child and you have just confirmed this with your post. Brilliant! Well done mommy!

  3. Salute you Stacy for your ingenius way of getting SE to learn. Good job SE! Now time to search for B, C, D...Z ok?

  4. each children have their own ways on learning, some by visual some by hearing and others combinations of both..good for your little girl to start learning at young age.

  5. haha good idea! Yes each child is different and learns in different ways. I'm glad you found a way to make her interested in learning :)

  6. Nancy, I was patting myself on the back heh!

    Mun, TQ TQ. :)

    Magictree, there's a long way to go haha.

    Agnes, I foresee it will be harder with this stubborn child of mine.

    Ai, it was a sudden brainwave haha.