Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Papa

(Nope hubby doesn't read this blog. Says he doesn't need to as he sees the kids all the time)

This is hubby's style...

When we go to malls, he goes off to check out shops interesting to him, looks at his own stuff. After some time he will remember us and call to ask where we are. Even when together, he has to walk ahead by himself.

Going... (the guy in maroon shirt)


Almost gone.. no next pic because already GONE :)

At restaurants, he helps himself to piping-hot food while the maid and I busy ourselves with the kids: portioning out food, deboning, cutting, adding gravy etc.  Plus feeding the little mouths, getting sharp objects out of little hands etc etc.

When we are on holiday, he would go off by himself.  And when not miles away, he has to go off to sit far away.

In a land far far away

But while he won't structure his life around the kids, he does play with them, fetches them around and he WILL do whatever is necessary. Guess that's what's important. And I guess, I might as well accept what I cannot change! (Though of course I keep trying hehe)


  1. haha you are a very kind and patient wife. No way I would allow my hubby to be like this.. once in a while is ok as everyone loves their me-time but if it's too often, I think I'll get quite irritated and unhappy :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. You are a very patient wife..probably he finds that with a maid to help out you will be able to handle your girls without him being around for a while.

  3. He is lucky to have you as his wife! :D

  4. When my kids were small and if I bring the maid along for shopping, hubs will always walk ahead too. Without the maid then he will be around to help. Now if we go out, he will walk ahead too, cos my younger son will stick with me.

  5. Ai, I do get irritated and unhappy. But hubby's default mood is Grumpy and isn't receptive to requests for change when in that mood.

    Agnes, that's what he says, that the maid is around. But it's easier if he's around la... like if one of the girls want to go to the toilet, I have to choose between trusting the maid to go alone and dropping everything to go myself too.

    Mun, haha true!

    Magictree, sometimes want his company too lor.