Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sleeping angels

While up in Genting last weekend, we were in bed watching TV when I started feeling hungry. Wanted to call hubby (who had gone off by himself) to come for dinner when I realised somebody had dozed off...


Oh well I could wait, let her sleep a while.

After a while, my tummy was rumbling.  Looked over and found somebody else had also dozed off...


Oh well, travelling with young kids is like that.  They don't follow the same time schedule.  How not to let them sleep when they look so peaceful.

(Nope I didn't lose any weight coz I was famished.  Ate tons when we had dinner eventually! Hehe.)


  1. Looking at them sleeping so soundly makes me want to sleep too but must have the air-con on first to make it feel like I am in Genting too!

  2. Sleeping beauties! Poor mommy had to tahan lapar while waiting for the king to wake up the sleeping beauties.

  3. Kids look so angelic when they are sleeping.. hate to wake them up to watch them turn into "monsters" hahahaha

  4. Nancy, it was actually very cold in Genting! My toes were cold even under the covers.

    Mun, haha ya lor. Too bad mummy had to eat so much after that.

    Ai, true!