Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Two girls

We were out plant shopping again last weekend.  :)  Brought the kiddos out too, for a change of scene.

So hot. We sit here to rest

Sit properly, Su Ern. Don't fall down.

SE: *Happy*

Not their favourite pastime for sure!


  1. I can see them sweating but they are happy and didn't make a fuss while you shop. Well behaved, girls. They deserve a treat! Ha ha!

  2. So many places to sit, they must squeeze into one seat - sisters bonding...nice!

  3. Wah they are so nice to share one seat with each other.

  4. haha ya so many seats they must squeeze onto a tiny stool :P so cute!

  5. Nancy, they WERE eyeing the ice-cream vendor haha.

    Magictree, very observant of you! Yeah there were other seats.

    Mun, sometimes they're good with each other.

    Ai, I didn't notice that earlier!