Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our soft toys

We have a collection of soft toys at home, JE calls them 'sleeping toys'.  As in they're soft enough to cuddle to sleep.  Following on from the tradition I had with my own siblings, these toys can 'talk' (we will voice them) and have 'personalities' of their own. Sometimes they're naughty, sometimes they fight with other toys, sometimes they're fussy/caring/playful etc.  Just like the real kids!

They're for play, of course. And I find them useful to teach, to distract, to calm a fussing child and for so many other functions.

So introducing our soft toys!  They each have a name but we'll leave that for another day.  :)

They're coming, wait for it...


Oh Monkey, you're hidden behind Tiger cub


  1. So many cute soft toys. Looking forward to the individual introduction of your girls' soft toy.

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  3. Can see from the photos that both SE and JE love their soft toys very much!

  4. I am really scared of soft toys, collect dust and don't know what to do with them later. Mostly given to charity. I still have a huge garfield at home bought for my nephew who then hand it down to my youngest boy as his sleeping mate. ...Wah..come to think of it almost 18 years old already.

  5. Nancy, individual introductions would take verrry long... no need la haha.

    Mun, yes these are definitely played with often!

    Magictree, soft toys for deco are no good for me. Must play with them only there will be value. :)