Sunday, May 8, 2016

SE is 4!

SE is 4 today!  We celebrated last weekend.  This time I decided to take the easy way out... buy a cake, bring cake to restaurant, have everyone go to the restaurant for dinner.  (I had been nursing a flu for two weeks and didn't feel up to cooking... excuse for being lazy heh).

On the plus side: No stress! And of course food tastes best at a restaurant, served hot.  On the minus: JE said she prefers to have people come to the house.  Guess it was a bit of an anti-climax for her to just go to a restaurant and back home after that.  Oh well, as long as SE didn't mind. She chose a pink cake...

Happy birthday to me!

Family photo, without the cake

Didn't take so many photos since it was a restaurant. Also photography angles are limited around a big table.

Setting up...

 Happy birthday to my little princess!  Love you always and forever.

I'm a big girl already!


  1. Happy birthday to SE! Happy mother's day to you as well on the same day.

  2. Happy Birthday to SE. You are a big girl now.