Wednesday, May 11, 2016


SE has a headstrong nature.  Her outbursts are cute at her age, but tough times are definitely coming. Let me note down some stories...


1. In the car, listening to a song on the radio.
SE:  What the name of the girl? (Meaning the name of the singer)
Me:  Don't know
SE:  Hmghh! (her irritated sound) What the name of the GIRL?!
Me:  Told you already, I don't know
SE:  Hmghh! Why you don't know? You listen to the BOICE (voice)! What the name of the girl?!
Me: Ok YOU listen to the voice. So what is the name of the girl?
SE:  Mummy! YOU listen to the boice! This ih YOUR car!


2.  Sometimes I get fed-up of non-stop questions and just go 'don't know'.  And her response...
SE: What the name of the girl?
Me: Don't know
SE:  Mummy! Why EVERY DAY you donno, and donno, and DONNO.


3.  And another time...
SE:  What the name of the girl?
Me: Don't know
SE:  Pbuuu!! (Spitting sound)
Me: Why you say 'pbuuu'??  (Not quite believing the 'pbuuu' was meant for me)
SE:  Becoh, you say the wrong thing!
Me: I don't like already. Because you 'pbuu' me
SE:  Today I WANT to be naughty!


Naughty to the point of being rude, right? Sigh.


  1. Wah, where did she learn to 'pbuu' people? From TV? Next time just make up a singer name to answer her, not that she knows whether or not it is correct or not.

  2. The pictures are to the point haha. I think for her age it's still ok, not that rude... unless you've already told her before that you don't like it and it's rude and she keeps doing it :P

  3. Oh oh! Someone's angry already! I find her responses very cute. Of course after quietly laughing at the pbuu...then time to look serious and tell her cannot do that.

  4. LOL.....she have got style you know :)

  5. Mun, I kinda don't want to confuse her!

    Ai, not that I have told her before. She does come up with new tricks.

    Magictree, I do tell her not to do but no idea whether anything is sinking in as she isn't receptive when angry.

    Irvine, heh exasperating too!

    SK, I am laughing inside sometimes.

  6. Hi Stacy, I was laughing as I read what you have written. She can be so cute and funny at times. But I do hope she will grow out of it or else you will have big headache and heartache.