Monday, May 30, 2016

And the winner is...

Some time ago I posted on what the girls play most with.  I didn't have pictures of the best then.  So ta-dahh... here it is! Or rather, here THEY are.  (Part of them anyway... there are many members of this group!)

Your meal is ready! Hope you like what I made

These are the items that, hands down, win as the most-played-with toy in the house.  The girls lay out the table with these items, serve them to adults (who are then expected to pretend to eat), serve them to animal toys (who will then be made to eat), run pretend restaurants, have pretend grown-up conversations over food.

Ah look at my lunch

Would you like some more food? 

Oh, I think this is enough, thank you

But you must try our new items!

Selected food items also get to tag along on our trips.  They sometimes end up in the paddling pool or the bath tub (e.g. that fish and potato chip on JE's 'tray' in the last picture).

Definitely value for my money!  Hehe.  I bought various things from various places and combined them.


  1. I agree these are the best items especially for girls until they grow up and lose their interest. Play acting is fun for the kids and those days, we used to enjoyed it very much.

  2. Wah, maybe they will open their own hipster cafe next time and after you retire, you will be the sitao's mother by sitting behind the counter to collect all the money, hehehehe.

  3. nom nom nom.. soon they will start making their own food in the kitchen for you to try! haha

  4. Nancy, I had actually been against stereotyping them into playing with 'girls' toys. But end up... these are the toys they like!

    Mun, that sounds like a plan!

    Irvine, I was really laughing at your comment! It's actually easier to feed my girls vegetables than meat.

    Ai, gahh I fear the state of my kitchen once they get their paws in...