Thursday, June 2, 2016

So not nice

If you know one word, but not the opposite of that word, no problem.  Just put a negative in front and you get to say what you mean!

Like if you want to complain about your cousin Erin...
SE:  Erin ih soooo NOT GOOD girl

If you want to complain about something...
SE:  Thih ih so NOT NICE!

The second one is used very often and in all kinds of contexts.  :)

Wear for me, kakak!

*Pose* Take picture!

Hmm... Don't like already 

Thih ih so not nice! Take out, take out!


  1. She looks so cute in that white big collar and sleeves. What is the name of it?

  2. Is SE getting ready for a concert? She did look cute in the first pic but looked so unhappy and uncomfortable in the rest of the photos. Ha ha...take out, take out...not so nice!

  3. Mun, Ikea sells these things. Separately (i.e. can buy the collar , the sleeves etc)) which is an interesting way of selling.

    Nancy, clowning around in Ikea. :)