Thursday, June 23, 2016

Don't cry, little sis

SE sometimes goes bawling away to JE.  Like if someone scolds her or she's not happy with something.  And however often JE complains that she HATES her sister, she doesn't even LIKE this Su Ern, she wants a DIFFERENT sister, she wishes she could have XXXX as a sister and not Su Ern.... well she does attend to the baby sister...

Come, I wipe for you

Still wet here

Nah, blow your nose

She backed off when the tissue got icky with SE's mucus and I had to take over hahaha.


  1. Ah, JE is such a good big sister when SE needs her no matter what she says about SE in anger sometimes. So heartwarming these photos of them together.

  2. So sweet. No matter how mny fights but still will sayang one

  3. This is the beautiful thing between siblings. No matter how much they may quarrel or fight, they still love one another.

  4. Great to capture 'beautiful moments' like these!

  5. Mun, she is quite good to the small one.

    SK, I definitely want this to continue!

    Nancy, I do hope they will always be there for each other.

    Magictree, must always have camera ready hehe.