Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Goodbye Kakak Gen

Our maid came to us two years ago and today is her last working day.  She definitely made life more pleasant for us.  Will miss her for sure.

Too bad our currency has weakened so much.  We did offer her a substantial raise but she had her eye on the wages in countries with stronger currencies. Yep we did factor in the fact that she was a good worker already familiar with our household.  Still, it wouldn't have been viable to match what she wanted.

Take picture with my kakak

Last night, she said she should have made the decision to stay instead.  Oh well, way too late to change course.  Hopefully things work out for her.

I'm feeling sad at losing her companionship.  Towards the end of our Melaka trip I started to panic at having to go solo as my new maid was only expected in another week or two.  But luckily that was speeded up and she should arrive in another 2 days.

Will see how things work out.  *fingers and toes all crossed*


  1. After working for 2 years, she will be like a family member. Good to know that your new maid will be with you in another 2 days. Hope she is as good as the former one or even better. Wish you all the best.

  2. It must be sad for her to leave you all also but then got to make a living so of course want to go for higher wages lah. Got pay raise who don't want, right?

    Good luck to you! Hopefully your new maid is as good if not better than Gen.

  3. My last maid stayed with us for 6 years. She hasn't been back to Indonesia when she worked with me. She was worried if she goes back, she wouldn't want to come back again. So she tahan for 6 years. My younger son missed her for quite a long while. When my first maid left, I cried like mad all the way to airport and back. ha!ha! cos I was so dependent on her.

    1. Wah Magictree, your relationship with all your maids are so good!

    2. Magictree haha I felt sooo sad too when my first maid left! Not everyone is so emo I guess. :) My hubby sent her to airport and I just sat down in my suddenly-empty all teary (but didn't bawl la).

    3. Mun, I was too dependent on her lah. She called back after half a year, wanted to work for me again but I had my 2nd maid already, so my sister took her in. She's a good maid, very efficient.

      Stacy, I didn't expect to be so emo actually. But I didn't cry for my 2nd and 3rd maid..sad yalah. ( I had only 3 maids).

  4. Nancy, thanks. I used to tell her lots of things! She's a better listener than my hubby who's been known to lose patience halfway through my story and walk off haha.

    Mun, she wanted rm2k. But she also wanted to go home a month first and the maid agency charges RM3k (crazy I think!) for the necessary documents. Airticket would be another 1k. Not worth paying that much extra for just another year of service.

    Magictree, looks like partly why you were sad was for yourself? Kekeke. Yeah I was also less emo with subsequent maids!