Monday, June 27, 2016

More SE stories

A few more stories on SE from our previous maid.  Might as well jot them down here.

At the maid agency while doing her check-out

1. Gen used to call her 'Su Ya' instead of 'Su Ern' whenever she's naughty.  One day:
Maid: If you are naughty, I will call you Su Ya.
SE:  You cannot call me Su Ya, kakak. My papa don't like.

Hehe actually the papa can't be bothered!  How did she get it in her head to use the papa's name?

Feed the good girl, kakak

2. Telling the kakak:
SE:  Actually, the girl who go to school (meaning JE), ih the naughty one.  The girl who stay at home (meaning herself), ih the good one.

In reality... it's kind of the other way round.

3. In the car:
Maid: You pee-pee in pants so smelly, I go and take care of Erin
SE:  But Erin eat so messy.
Maid: Eat so messy better than pee-pee so smelly
SE:  No! Pee-pee melly ih better than eat messy.  Heheheee.

There are no stories from the new maid yet - first, her English isn't too good and second, guess she's still getting her bearings.


  1. Hahaha, SE can really talk now. She will be more "powerful" in her words when she grows older so you will have lots of fun. :)

    So your new maid is here and I guess there will be more stories about the new maid soon.

  2. Really? jie-jie eat more messy than her? Haha she's too cute.

  3. Mun, she's only 4yo and can't even pronounce words properly, and I'm already getting these stories! Can't imagine what it will be like when she gets 'powerful' haha.

    Magictree, well jie-jie Erin eats by herself while SE is still spoon-fed. Erin IS rather messy heh.

  4. Hahaha...SE is really very entertaining. I hope the new maid will fit in well and I am looking forward for more stories.

  5. Aww precious memories to hold onto. Good to write them down before we forget :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Nancy, new maid isn't as good as the old one. But she seems quite good with the kids and I guess as long as she's keen to work, we should be fine.

    Ai, haha oh yes.