Monday, June 13, 2016

Melaka trip 2016

We were in Melaka last weekend!  As usual, we try to have some activities for the kids during school holidays.  The Mahkota apartment we stayed in was nothing great but the kids enjoyed the pool. There were 4 pools and they moved between all of them, but this was their favourite:

Welcome to our water palace!

That was awesome!

I'm busy, I'm washing my hair

We did touristy things in Jonker street - had the famous Jonker88 cendol and noodles (the assam laksa was what I really liked), bought snacks and souvenirs etc.  It was a very hot day so the kids didn't like this much.

Yummy! (JE didn't like the cendol one bit)

I had to take pictures of the kids at this place.  Just to compare with our family trip two years ago.

Dragon because that is SE's zodiac animal

Bull because don't have tiger (JE's zodiac animal) hehe

Good trip but I'm thinking next time we just go for a hotel nearer KL!


  1. Good to see your girls enjoying themselves fully in the swimming pools. Go Melaka can see the good food there. Stay in kl hotel no special street food to eat.

  2. I like Melaka too , we go for food. At least not too far.

  3. Hi Stacy, your girls are really enjoying themselves in the pool. Its been a long time I haven't been to Malacca. I am looking forward to a Malacca trip.

  4. Mun, could be I keep going to the wrong places! The last trip when we had 'tour guides' (people in my family familiar with Melaka), the restaurants we wanted always had long queues and we ended up at nearby substitutes where food was just so-so. This time 'main tembak' and didn't hit targets much either.

    Magictree, WHERE to go to ya? The only things I enjoyed was assam laksa at Jonker88 and pizza/pasta at Fat Bee near our apartment.

    Nancy, ah I'm sure YOU will find plenty of good food!

    1. We are not so adventurous. Mostly Jonker Street and the rest read from friend's blog - like the satay celup, nyonya food ( I forgot the name of the places edi!). We stayed at Equatorial ( always looking for offer prices) which is a walking distance to Farmosa.

    2. Magictree I was angling for satay celup, but ended up timing wasn't right. Next time la.

  5. Wonderful trip.

    Hmm...suggest gold Coast moribund. Hotel so so only but got water theme will love

    1. My kids are a bit young for water theme parks, and myself also rather scared of water slides hehe.