Monday, May 16, 2016

Erin's bracelet

Overhead from the back of my car...

SE:  This bracelet ih sooo nice.  If I give this bracelet to (cousin) Erin, I will be SOOOO sad.
Me:  Hm? Then don't give it to Erin.
JE:   But it's Erin's bracelet.
Me:  Oh in that case, must give back!

Haha these kiddos.  They like to 'borrow' things from the grandparents' house. Including items left there by the other kids.  Then they will bring the items back the following school day.

Pretty or not?


  1. hehehe, SE trying to pull one over you there but luckily JE calls her out else cousin Erin will have one bracelet less.

  2. Aren't they cute and pretty too?

  3. Staring so hard, looking at where exactly is the bracelet or is it not in the picture?

  4. Mun, haha ya lor.

    Nancy, thanks!

    Magictree, true the bracelet is missing from this pic!