Thursday, April 7, 2016

Birthday at school

Last year, I wondered how to get pictures of JE having her birthday celebration at school. Left it at that.  This year, JE said that her friends had their parents over at school for birthdays and asked why we didn't go.  Aha so that was actually the norm !  And so I sent hubby to do the job.  (Well I did have to go to the office and being at home, he was a lot nearer the school... hehehe)

JE chose Barbie for her 'school' cake.

I chose this cake. Nice?

Finally I have the photos I'd wanted!  And the little sis got to go along too heh.

Happy birthday to you, happy...

This is JE's final year at kindergarten and thus the final school birthday celebration.  Ooh this sounds sad... but I will have SE's birthday to 'do' for two more years.  Birthday girl with the party/goody bags to be distributed...

Eat my pasta first, later give out party bags

The cake she chose.  She loved the smiley face on the writing!  :)


  1. Yay great that at least one of you got to go!! I'm trying to figure out what's the norm for primary school kids here now. I don't think they can have celebrations in class anymore but maybe recess we can go??

  2. Nice celebration at school. JE looks so happy. Is the pasta provided by the school or brought from home? How many party packs do you have to prepare?

  3. semangat the way the kids sang! Very small class...must be expensive pre-school.

  4. these are the tender years that kids love to celebrate birthdays and receive presents..they will feel shy as they grow older..

  5. Ai, for primary schools here, no such thing already. Which I think makes sense as there are 40 odd students per class. If there are 40 celebrations in a year, I'd worry how much learning is going on! I believe the timeline to cover syllabus is quite tight too.

    Mun, the pasta is the normal food for break time. Only 9 party packs this time. Funny thing is, JE asked for an extra party pack just yesterday as 1 boy came back. Told her we'd already eaten all the extra packets of stuff haha.

    Magictree, there were 15 students last year vs the 10 now. I still wonder why so many changed school!

    Agnes, heh getting shy is normal? Well it was for me.