Thursday, April 14, 2016

SE stories

SE can look pretty angelic.

Pose for camera

My maid tells me interesting stories of what she gets up to while I'm at work.  Like:

Maid:  *Nagging SE about making a mess, playing with water, not keeping toys*  How come got naughty people like this?
SE:  But I WIN!
Maid:  Win what?
SE:  Win being naughty

Actually it's true, she is a champion at being naughty.  Sigh.


Talking to herself aloud while on the toilet bowl...
SE:  Thih Kakak Gen ih so naughty
SE:  Ya so naughty
SE:  We don't bother about Kakak Gen, ok? Don't bother
SE:  OK don't bother

So her 'alter ego' totally supports what she says.  :)

SE:  Kakak Gen is a stupid naughty monkey
Maid: Where did you learn that?? What did you say?
SE:  (Facing the wall) You are a stupid naughty monkey
SE:  What? I jeh talking to the wall


SE is almost 4yo

What will she be like at 14yo?

NB:  Posing all done by SE.  Camerawoman is the maid, at SE's request.


  1. Can tell that your helper is quite taken with SE although she pretended to be angry and exasperated. SE is such a cheeky girl with her retorts. SE even knows how to use the word bother! Good vocab!

  2. Ha ha SE is cute and cheeky! She has natural acting skills and very photogenic too!

  3. SE, you are so cute and got quite a gaya for 'modelling', especially the last photo.

  4. Mun, my helper does get really exasperated at times. But overall she does dote on SE.

    Nancy, thanks!

    Magictree she looks rather adult haha.

  5. Really funny!! All 3 scenarios. Go lawyer potential!