Monday, April 25, 2016


So we were packing to go up to Genting for a short trip last weekend.

Commotion is heard from the kids... SE is bawling.

Maid: What happened? why are you crying?
SE: JoJo took my bag... WAAAaaaaaAAAA
Maid: (sees JE with SE's pink butterfly bag) Jie-jie, why you take the butterfly bag? This bag is Su Ern's bag.  *Returns the bag to SE.

Just a minute later, another commotion is heard.  Now JE is bawling.
Maid: What happened? Why are you crying?
JE: Su Ern take my tiger cub. WAAAaaaaaAAAA
Maid: (sees SE packing JE's tiger toy into the pink butterfly bag) Su Ern why you take tiger cub? Tiger cub is JoJo's. *Returns the tiger cub to JE

What to do with these two small people??  If the mood is not right, they fight at the drop of a hat!

Hmm... dunno


  1. Sisters are like that, fighting one moment and best friends the next. Carik-carik bulu ayam, lama-lama bercantum juga.

  2. One minute enemies, the next minute best of friends. Very natural and normal.

  3. so long as they do not pull hair and punch each other, haaa..haaa..

  4. Agree with Agnes, as long as they don't pull hair and punch each other.

  5. My sisters and I were like that too hahaha. All part of growing up! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. haha they are so cute. ya sisters and bros are like that la