Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I confess to being a completely lazy mom.  I only sent JE to kindergarten, and that only for 2 years and not 3 as the norm these days.  No ballet/art/yamaha etc lessons, no enrichment classes, nothing. Now she has just started Primary 1.  And finally something else as well... gymrama (rhythmic gymnastics).

JE is naturally quite flexible, which helps.  Then after 3 lessons, I noticed there were some younger girls around.  So I decided to bring SE too.  Fetching one girl to gymrama is the same as fetching two.  And this also means I don't have to sit through two sessions of gymrama in future, as in an advanced class for JE and a junior one for SE.  Lazy mom to the core!  Heh heh.

I didn't take pictures for the first 3 classes as I didn't want JE to start feeling self-conscious.  These pictures are from the first class with SE.  SE wasn't happy about joining, but luckily she did try to follow instructions as best as she could.

Trying on shoes for size

Running round the area for warm-up
(Look at short and chubby SE hehe)

The teachers are slightly fierce and there's some shouting going on.  Guess they do have to maintain discipline.  I'm glad the 'Little Gymnasts' class is conducted in English though, unlike the more advanced classes.

Slightly fierce teachers

(The more advanced class behind are doing harder ones) 

Hopefully the girls stick with it.  If they can cope, this will train them in discipline, flexibility, strength, confidence and all the good stuff.

At the end of that first class, there were sweets for girls who'd won some competition.  SE apparently expected one.  And was totally disappointed that she didn't get any.  JE had to carry her back to me looking like this.  Poor kiddo haha.

No sweet for me... why like this :(


  1. Me too...lazy mom. Only send my kids to what they wanted. Older kid went for Art Class, younger one for badminton...that's all.

    SE looks like the smallest there. She's so cute, I can identify her anywhere because of her specs!

    1. Oh ya! a course of swimming lesson (abt 10-12 lessons) ...this one I forced them...survival skill mah.

      Not only very few enrichment classes, must be near my house too!

    2. You are not as lazy as me then hehe.

      The week after SE started, a few more small girls joined haha. She's no longer the smallest now I think.

  2. Good idea to send both together. Can save time and petrol. Hope your girls will not be frightened off by the fierce teacher and will continue to enjoy the training.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm thinking it's manageable if step by step. But yeah, apparently quite many drop out.

  4. did JE choose gymrama herself or you choose for her? Good that SE takes part too although you say she was not happy about it.

    1. Force one la heh. JE is the type who says no to everything.

    2. JE is the type who says no to everything but yet she still does it when you "force" her so ok la.