Friday, February 24, 2017

Picnic in the park

Went to the TTDI park recently.  It's a fun place, and it's free!

Armed with containers, fishing nets, flour/coffee sieves from the kitchen (courtesy of my mum) and whatnot, we first looked for little fishes and prawns to catch...

Look very carefully...

Did anyone catch anything?

Look, there's a frog! (SE's frog pose haha)

The children's playground is pretty big. 

Up the mountain I climb!

And down we slide !

It was a last minute thing so didn't have much suitable food for picnic.  Fried rice (put this in the thermal pot and am so happy that it stayed warm/hot!), fish cake, drinks and some munchies from CNY.

Eat some lunch

When we were almost done (JE and SE are very slow eaters) this big male monkey came over.  It looked around, then grabbed a container of CNY cookies and went up the bamboo.  It tried to bite the container open, but halfway the container dropped.  The monkey then found an open pack of biscuits and ate those.  This was a scary experience - this monkey was aggressive and already scarred from fights.  Luckily it went away after that.

Monkey and CNY cookies


  1. We came here once when kids were small, probably > 10 years ago. I think we caught some longkang fish.
    SE's frog pose - I give super like!
    Aiyo...what did you all do with the CNY cookies after it was kidnapped and returned? Those days, there were monkeys too but we didn't encounter any aggresive ones, perhaps because we had no food!.

  2. i was about to ask the same question on the cny cookies after being dropped by the monkey. lucky that it didnot attack anyone. good to bring the chilren out for outdoor activities like this.

  3. You guys are very observant haha. OK this is the full story of those CNY cookies from the VERY beginning. Hemmmm. My SIL ordered for me one jar of kuih bangkit coz I like those. But hubby mistakenly gave it away (due to the CNY tradition where people give you something, you give back something). Luckily SIL had a spare jar and gave that to me. I ate some and brought the remainder to this picnic. And THIS was what the monkey took! I was thinking, really so much kuih bangkit drama this CNY!

    The monkey spent quite some time trying to bite the jar open - could hear the sound of its teeth against the plastic. When the container dropped, my heart wanted to get it but my head figured it wasn't worth risk.

    When the monkey finally went away and left the container, I couldn't believe my luck! There were some dents on the base and the cookies were a bit shaken, but everything was intact. Hahaha what a story eh.

    1. everything was intact means you ate the shaken cookies after you took back the container? good! no waste, hehehehe.

    2. Ya ya I finished off all the cookies!

  4. What a fun post! I am sure the kids love this outing. Reminds me of my childhood. Went for longkang fishing, got caught by mom and was lock up for one whole day in a room. I love to tag along with the boys for all the outdoor activities and ended up getting punished at the end of the day. Monkeys can be very aggressive and sometimes they attack people.