Friday, February 10, 2017

SE's drawing

SE drew a few turtles on a piece of paper.  They had the usual shell with heads, legs, tails.  Except for two which was only the shell without additional appendages.

SE: This turtle went inside the shell. See?  Coz it was scared and it went inside. Then you cannot see the head, no legs also.
ME:  Thaaat's why.
ME:  (pointing to the other only-the-shell on the paper)  I see this one is also inside the shell.  Is this turtle scared also?
SE:  Oh. That one is just a rock

Err ok... hahaha.

Don't sweat it, Mummy. It's just a ROCK!

Speaking of drawing, SE sometimes doesn't go for the usual things.  Back when the other girls were busy drawing rainbows and princesses, she drew two parallel curved lines on a paper and informed me that it's "a Giant Leg".  It did look like it, but I don't have a photo of it.  I do have a photo of this one from a year ago:

Look, Mummy

SE:  Thih ih an elephant crying.  (She couldn't pronounce 's' yet that time)

Actually the picture does bear some resemblance to a crying elephant!


  1. SE has a good creative side to her! in language and in drawing.

  2. She is sweet and very pretty and photogenic too.