Monday, February 6, 2017

SE and her 'eyeglasses'

'Eyeglasses' is what our maid calls SE's specs.

She has a love-hate relationship with her specs now.  She reaches out for her specs first thing upon waking up, so I guess she needs them to see properly.  But to take photo...

Waittt.... *whips off specs*

Smile! *happy*

I do think she looks cuter without her specs.  I've been careful though not to let that out.  But she obviously feels that she doesn't look good with specs.

SE:  Next time, I don't want to do concert
Me:  Oh why? You can dance so well
SE:  I don't want because I have spec

Poor girl.

Another time that she whipped off her specs the moment I took my camera out...

Without my specs!

I look nicer right?

Not that I mind having some 2-eyed photos of her, truth be told.


  1. she is so lovely !
    you captured her smile beautifully .
    she will be habitual for the specs

  2. Smart girl! She is cute and adorable with that sweet smile!

  3. SE looks so sweet. With or without glasses she is a sweet and lovely girl.

  4. Baili, thanks for dropping by.

    Nancy and Mun, thanks for your sweet comments!

  5. Haha! so cute...small small also know she looks better without glasses!
    I remember your mom making the New Year dresses for each of them each year, how lovely!!!!

  6. Magictree, I'm kinda sad she doesn't like how she looks with glasses on. Oh well.

    1. Just a matter of time, she will get used to the glasses and soon prefer herself with glasses.That's my personal experience and also my younger vain pot son.