Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stand together

Sometimes they're good, sometimes they fight.

JE: You ah, very naughty one!

And SE would complain:

SE: Jo Ern is such a naughty girl already!

Go away! You go away!


Then the mum starts yelling to stand nicely together in front of her beautifully-blooming plant so that she can take just ONE photo.


OK lah, that will do.


  1. Applause! A cheese and a photo solve the fight. Now they are holding hands!

  2. hehehehe both your girls are so cute. when their mommy asks them to be nice to each other for a photo they obediently do it. so kwai.

  3. Cute "quarrelling" photos...
    Your blooming plant(s) { I like the one on the right too} are beautiful!

  4. haha it's a nice photo!! :) they are really looking more and more alike.. except for the height la :P

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Nancy, well after that they went their separate ways.

    Mun, yeah quite kwai actually!

    Magictree haha I was trying to take my "nice" photo and got all these "quarrelling" ones.

    Ai, and the specs too haha.