Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chicken pox girl

JE is in solitary confinement when at Ah Mah-Ah Kong's house haha.  On the bright side, she has no school for a week and is allowed to play iPad the whole day.

She has had the chicken pox vaccination so the symptoms are very mild.  There aren't many spots and only ONE has fluid inside.  It's on her hand so it wouldn't matter much if it leaves a scar.  JE was initially scratching but stopped by the 2nd day or so.  This is nothing like my own bout with chicken pox at 20+... I had spots everywhere, which left unsightly marks that took years to fade.  This vaccination is really worth it!  

Dinner for the patient

Didn't bother isolating her from SE at home.  We couldn't go out for fear of infecting others (feel rather like pariahs!).  I took them out to the playground for fresh air... no kids were harmed during the outing as nobody else was there.  :D

Making special soup, stirred with twig

Going to...


It has been a week so far and surprisingly no other kids have shown symptoms of chicken pox.


  1. good to hear that it was a smooth journey for her. did she take the chicken pox vaccination earlier or when the doctor diagnose it as chicken pox?

    1. She took the vaccination earlier. It's part of the recommended ones for toddlers these days, guess it's a sign of medical progress.

  2. Good thing she had the vaccination. I got the chicken pox from my son at the age of about 40+ and it was terrible and they were big ones and later I have to return to office with scars on my face.

    1. Definitely value for money! Save so much suffering.