Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Men are from Mars

When I snack, I normally have things like pastries, pies, buns, tarts or cake. Hubby by contrast wouldn't touch those things. His snacks would probably be roast meat, sausage, ham or cheese.

The other weekend I was having a cream puff at the dining table.  Hubby was there tucking into a herbal double-boiled soup.  I was thinking to myself, now this is circumstantial evidence that men are from Mars and women are from Venus... even the diet is different.

Then JE came by.

She looked at my puff.  Then at hubby dipping the meat from his soup into soy sauce.

And went "YUCK!"

Where is this one from, Pluto??  Haha.

Mars and Venus

And Pluto! Hehehe.


  1. Hi Stacy, nice photos. And where is SE from?

  2. so JE does not like food. good then. you don't have to worry that she will overeat.

  3. Nancy, SE is more receptive to food than JE, although she is still picky by my standards and doesn't eat that much. From slightly nearer I guess haha.

    Mun, all her life I've been worried that she is undernourished!

    Lux, thx for dropping by.