Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekday Schedules

Our schedules undoubtedly revolve around the kids.  They change as the kids grow into and out of different phases.

Hi, we are Jo Ern and Su Ern

I found this old post on JE's routine as a 1.5yo.  And this one about my schedule with JE as a toddler and SE as a baby - this was pretty crazy!  I didn't post about our schedule when JE was in kindy and SE not schooling, so here it is:

7.00  Wake up, wash up and have breakfast.  Prepare breakfast for JE.
8.00  Wake JE
8.30  Send JE to kindy 5mins away

SE was handled by hubby/maid.  Hubby picked JE up around 1230 and drove kids/maid over to my parents for lunch.  I went over for dinner after work.

10.00  Get home
11.00+ Bedtime

On Thursdays hubby picked them up instead and I hit the pool for my weekly exercise.

Weekends were completely free and easy.

We love spending time with each other

Now with JE in the afternoon session of P1 and SE in kindy:
6.00  Wake up, wash up. Maid prepares juice for the kids.
7.00  Wake kids
7.30  Leave house
8.00+ Arrive at SE's kindy and then send JE to  my parents' house.

My dad and SIL takes care of chaffeuring JE and SE to/from school (thanks!).

I go over for dinner after work.

9.30  Get home
10.00 Bedtime

11.00 Take kids for gymrama and wait there
1.30 Get home

Sunday is the only free and easy day in the week.

With this new schedule:
1. Hubby gets off scot-free
2. For me, Mon-Sats are pretty rigid and I have little time at home.  School and public holidays are now completely precious.

And holidays with Papa and Mummy!


  1. ya can see from your weekday schedule not much playtime with them so enjoy the weekend to the max! i like the last photo - everyone lying on the ground - so relax! where is that? can be so relax there.

    1. Mun hehe this was in the trick art museum in Penang.

  2. Public holidays, Sundays & School holidays were so precious for us then. Now that my kids are all grown up and working, and with me retired, everyday is a holiday! Wait till your girls are bigger and more independent, then you will have more time to relax.

    1. True, and I already have more time now than when they were babies!

  3. weekend all sure not free jor. LOL.

    me too. weekend no me time

    1. Sometimes I heave a sigh of relief when the weekend is over haha.

  4. Been so long since I wrote down our schedules.. I get tired just thinking of them already haha. Get more rest during the weekends when you can!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Weekends might actually be more tiring than weekdays, for me!

      Thought I'd note down schedules as these will be changing.