Monday, April 10, 2017

Jo Ern is 7!

And she has chicken pox haha.

Her birthday fell on a Thursday and the celebration was to be on Saturday.  Friday morning, she showed me a spot that was itchy.  Then we noticed she had spots all over.  Oh dear!  Doctor confirmed it was chicken pox.

What to do, had to postpone her birthday dinner.

But we celebrated at home for her... she chose a Pokeball cake.

Happy 7th birthday to me!

With my naughty little sister

All together now!

We asked her many times what she would like to eat for her birthday - Pizza? BBQ? Steamboat? This girl... she just isn't much interested in food. She'd wanted everyone to come to our house for her birthday, but had never specified the menu. The little sis tried her luck when JE didn't give any answer:  "PIZZA!  I also like."  Eventually I suggested something I knew she would like...


YESS! (Actually she was more interested in the toy haha)

Takeaway since JE isn't supposed to be out spreading chickenpox.  For dinner, she said she wanted SALAD.  Now, how to eat salad as a meal??  In the end, I made pumpkin rice and hubby directed maid on the salad.   Managed to cobble together enough ingredients from the fridge!  *pat ourselves on backs*  We didn't go shopping since JE wouldn't have been able to come along.

Salad! Mummy said I also have to finish my rice

Overall, a pretty successful celebration given the circumstances.  Happy birthday to my precious girl!


  1. Happy birthday to JE! It is better to have chicken pox when she is young. I had mine around 40 years plus and I suffered!

  2. happy belated birthday to JE! nice celebration at home. usually when a child gets chicken pox the siblings will get it too. did SE get it?

  3. Nancy, I have mine around 20 and suffered too! Plus my face was brightly-polkadotted for a year after so yep lots of suffering!

    Mun, SE is fine so far.

  4. Aww happy belated birthday to her!! So poor thing but good to see that she's still happy and enjoyed her cake!! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka