Monday, April 17, 2017

Short picnic

We always drive past this little park.  Last weekend while hubby was away I decided to make the trip there.  With a picnic.  Too bad it was a VERY sunny day!  I reasoned that we might as well take the chance to go without hubby around to complain about the heat haha.

Well it was very, very hot!  It's a relatively new park so the trees weren't big yet.

Love to everyone!

We brought our picnic mat but sat at a picnic table instead.  Food was simple:  Fried rice, biscuits, cold jelly and soft drinks.  These kids are always more interested in play than food, no point preparing a feast.

Lunch is served

Mummy koala and Baby koala

I'm roasting, I'm melting

SE tried to make a go of it.  She went on the swings, the see-saw, the slide and climbed the structures.

I want to PLAY!

We only spent about an hour there.  Oh well, at least it was a different setting for lunch.


  1. Maybe a better idea to go in the morning when it is not so hot or wait till the trees are big enough to give more shade. Have a beautiful day!

  2. one hour is better than nothing. at least they have fun. thumbs up for mommy!

  3. hahaha i agree. something different. they can run around too

  4. Nancy, by the time I got the kids up, put breakfast into them and got them showered, it was already hot haha. We don't start early like you do!

    Mun, it was all that particularly fun I think. Too hot.

    SK, it promised to be more fun than it turned out!