Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sayings of SE

SE speaks her mind.  No sugar-coating.

1. On our maid not doing something she wanted:
SE:  Why you not listen?!  Is it you have no ear??

Yep this one is quite fierce.

2. On me taking her to see some kittens at her request:
SE:  Mummy!! What for you take me to see ug-ger-ly (ugly) kittens?!

And kept complaining. She can be such an old lady.

3. On JE being still in bed in the morning:
SE:  Jo Ern is like her doggy. Not moving

Jo Ern's is 'Seal Seal', Mummy's is 'Sealy' and mine is 'Sealyface'

4. On me telling her I don't know where my toy seal is (actually lazy to look for it):
SE:  What for you have a seal when all you do is lost (lose) it

Heh. Indeed.

5. Talking to the toy seals about 'feeding' them:
SE:  You will always have food. Until I die.

What?? Haha.

6. Another time, when talking about death:
SE:  I don't want people to die! *pause*  Except the people I don't like.

I try to record what she says as she can be so amusing.


  1. Good to note her words down for her to read when she is a grown up. And also to compare her words during the teenage and young adult phase of her life.

  2. She is a very interesting person! Some kids can really speaks their mind!

  3. Not the traditional "well-mannered" child. She isn't purposely being rude so it's hard to scold her also.

  4. hahaha she is so cute!! I like her directness.. :)