Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ikea trip

Hubby was on holiday in Bhutan recently.  We went to Ikea on one of the days, like during his last holiday.  Why Ikea?  Well firstly hubby doesn't really like going so might as well go when he wasn't around.  Secondly, the kids like it!

Messed around with Ikea stuff on display...

Oh noo mummy's here!



Messed around with Ikea stuff on sale...

Charlie's angels?

And of course, had ice-cream, curry puffs and refillable coffee at the cafe!


I also quite enjoyed the trip.  :)


  1. Hi Stacy, I have only been to Ikea once when I was in KL many years ago. How nice if Ipoh has Ikea! Ha ha...I couldn't help laughing when I see your two little princess hiding in photo 2 & 3! Ha haaa... I am glad that you and girls enjoyed yourselves in Ikea.

  2. Memang Chlie's angel leh. I used to like going Ikea but now that area very congested . So avoid liao

  3. Do they have playgrounds there? My girl loves to go to Ikea too because of the playground!! But I'd try to avoid during weekends and PHs as it's just sooooo crowded.

    Do post on your hubby's Bhutan trip too! I heard it's a very beautiful country :)

  4. Wah JE and SE got potentialto be models theway they pose. Did you buy the chair with covers for them?

  5. Nancy, I do like going to Ikea once in a while!

    SK, the trick is to go early. But when it's Ikea sales I also run far away.

    Ai, hmm no playgrounds that I know of. These are just their stuff on display where they let people try/play/etc.

    Mun, the chairs are rm160 apiece... no didn't buy! :) The cover part doesn't look sturdy actually.