Thursday, January 7, 2016


I sometimes feel like I'm living in a babel zone. At the very same time:

Hubby:  Economy is so bad these days and these people are only focused on making money for themselves! Bla bla bla goes into criticism of politicans in general and specifically.

SE: See Mummy? I colour thih rabbit to be purple. Then I colour the jacket to be le-llo.  See Mummy? MUMMY!! Bla bla bla into details of her colouring.

JE: Mummy, the Avatar show, I like Katara the best. Coz she is pretty and she can do water bending. Like this *whoosh... bla bla bla goes into long story.
And yes, I am expected by all three parties to attend to them! Failure to show complete attention to each individual will result in
1) Hubby going into a huff and refusing to talk any more
2) Louder and louder cries of "Mummy!, MUMMY! MUM-MEEE!!!" from SE
3) Softer but insistent query "Mummy, are you listening? MUMMY!?" from JE

Gahh. I should start a queue system. Except I know for sure it won't work with any of the three.

The three on the left... are the difficult people


  1. That was what happened to me when my kids were small and add one more number to yours, i.e. my father in law....Lol! at the end of day, I have no time for myself! Now many year later, my sons are telling me that I am a lousy listener. Sigh! Lol!

  2. You just need more ears, one pair for each of them! ;p

  3. Nancy, FIL too?? Haha you win!

    Mun, I try to follow each one but have to give up very soon.

  4. be it hubs or my girl, I'd tell the other to hush and let the one who was speaking to me speak first. take turns otherwise it really is hard to concentrate!!

  5. Ai, hubs would just go into a huff haha. Small girl would continue talking after 2 secs. Big girl, maybe.