Sunday, January 17, 2016


This is how I go shopping for groceries these days.  Both kids go into the trolley, where they will entertain themselves by blowing plastic bags into balloons, fiddling with stuff placed into the trolley and also talking non-stop.  Our maid pushes the trolley. That leaves me to select and bag groceries. But we typically need to drop everything at least once to walk all the way to the toilets outside the supermarket.  Also, kids will only stay in the trolley for a certain amount of time, after which they will demand to be let down.  Then it's more of a headache keeping tabs on them (each WILL walk off in different directions), pushing the trolley AND trying to shop.

The trolley is not all that safe either.  Once both of them leaned the same way to reach a display and the whole trolley crashed to the floor. JE was fine but shaken. SE got her leg grazed slightly and bawled. I was rather embarrassed by the ensuing attention from caring shoppers in the vicinity. But very thankful that there was no permanent damage.

We're doing shopping!

Hubby?  He would be off somewhere looking at his own things, not necessarily in the supermarket itself.  I call him when almost done.  If I should sound frazzled, he asks, "You have the maid to take care of the kids, what's the problem??'  Grrrr.

We're helping Mummy shop, actually


  1. With both your girls in the trolley, is there enough space for the items that you need to buy?

  2. My boy used to stand in the trolley like SE ( when he was small). Once I suddenly stopped the trolley, and he fell over. Thank God..he was alright. After that , no more standing at the edge of trolleys.

  3. Hi Stacy, you are doing a great job. If its me, I will get so stressed up and ended up with incomplete shopping. I would rather go alone to do the shopping.

  4. thank goodness they were both ok after it fell over!

  5. Not heavy ka the trolley . I dun like this hypermarket punya trolley coz always goes sideways.

  6. Not heavy ka the trolley . I dun like this hypermarket punya trolley coz always goes sideways.

  7. Mun, not always enough space. In which case have to shoo them out of the trolley. After which have to follow them wherever they decide to go. *sigh*

    Magictree, it's dangerous actually, especially if the kid stands up. Still, that's the only way I can get shopping done.

    Nancy, nowhere to leave them haha. Shopping time is partly also bonding time.

    Ai, yeah luckily phew.

    SK, true, the wheels often aren't aligned. My maid deals with that though, my job is the shopping part.