Thursday, January 14, 2016


One of my tactics to get them away from the TV.  This one has a bubble blaster gun.... trust hubby to buy an expensive one.

Just pull the trigger...

And I get LOTS of bubbles!

This one is doing it the good 'ol fashioned way.


But... erm gahh just look at her hand, shirt and that beard.

What? What's wrong?


  1. Ha ha...I love playing with the soap bubbles when I was young too. We all use the old fashioned way but wow! now they have the bubble bluster gun! SE didn't ask to play with the bubble blaster gun?

  2. Gosh..aren't you worried about those soapy water near her mouth!! Still bubbles are really fun and beautiful too.

  3. Aiyo, why your elder girl has it easy using the automated way to get bubbles whereas your poor younger girl has to do it the manual way until getting foam all around her mouth, LOL!

  4. alamak....her mouth full of bubble...,

    i kena once before when i was a kid. The mouth got chemical taste... hahaha

  5. cute. ahhh doesn't the bubbles taste bad.

  6. Nancy, oh ya SE demands the blaster gun all right! Pic taken when gun was out of commission since someone (SE of course) got the motor all wet.

    Magitree, I snapped pic then only rushed her to wash mouth. :)

    Mun, haha happened to have good pics of younger one with beard. She gets her turn with the gun.

    SK, scary hor. :)

    Irvine, I bet they do! Oh well that wasn't the first time.

  7. Sometimes really worth spending more money on the reputable brands that are more expensive. We bought the generic bubble machine gun thingys once and it spoilt after just one use!!

  8. Ai, true also. Buying too cheap can end up to be expensive!