Monday, January 25, 2016

Naughty - Part 1

SE had always exhibited a stubborn streak. Added to that, she is always sure that her way is right.  Anyone who blocks her from her way is bad. (OK while typing this I think she might be quite a good politician!).

If asked to do something, she dawdles/distracts/runs away and/or flat out refuses to do it.

If threatened to do it or she will get disciplined, she bawls. And doesn't do it.

If given an incentive to do something, she doesn't do it and expects the incentive anyway.

If smacked, she bawls and goes to complain to somebody else.

SE: Papaaaa.. Mummy naughty!
Hubby: Why, what happened?
SE: Mummy beat me! 
Hubby: Why Mummy beat you
SE: Be-coh... waaa waaaaa... Mummy naughty!
And cuddles up against hubby, glaring daggers at me.

Mummy naughty

Mummy ih so, so naughty


  1. Hi Stacy, looks like this is one challenging case for you. Ha ha mummy ih so, so naughty!

  2. Hope she does not give you grey hairs. She sounds like a very determined girl.

  3. Nancy, heh after all I do for her!

    Mun, I do anticipate some tough times with this one.

    Magictree, we don't particularly pamper her over JE since there's only two of them anyway and they're close in age. So I think this trait is inborn!