Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shopping list

I always need a list for grocery shopping, or I'd be sure to forget something.

That list always seems to get doctored.

Write write write

Very often, I would seemingly need to buy a Jo Ern, a Su Ern and this particular turtle. (The butterfly below features for the first time.)


Must go and dig up some other shopping lists hehe.


  1. She writes well and she can draw beautifully the butterfly and tortoise.

  2. I agree with Nancy, she can draw very well, the butterfly and turtle is pretty. Soon you can dictate your list to her and she will write them for you.

  3. Good to have a shopping list. I usually go without and spend time just wandering the aisles looking around to looksy looksy if I need anything else.. and tend to forget to buy something I really need too haha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Eh..I also want to buy "Jo Ern and Su Ern" if got!!!!

  5. hahahaha.... no la...bring her go kidzania and play so she forget la. wei my blog have contest. join fast fast

  6. Nancy, the writing on the actual shopping list is mine.. :)

    Mun, that's a good idea.

    Ai, even with the shopping list I can overlook items!

    Magictree, hehe I have enough of those already!!

    SK, I can't bring SE into Kidzania yet as she's too young. One day la, when they're both older.