Monday, January 11, 2016

Su Ya still

SE used to call herself Su Ya (this old post). She has been saying her own name correctly for over a year now. But "Su Ya" isn't gone. As our maid started using "Su Ya" on SE whenever she misbehaves.

Looking at the mess left by the little one... Where is that Su Ya?  (SE will be pretending to be busy elsewhere. Nope she doesn't clean up!)

When SE is naughty... You are so Su Ya!

Sometimes SE retaliates. No, YOU are Su Ya!

Hubby: Who is Su Ya?

SE: Kakak Gen.

Since she misbehaves so much, "Su Ya" is still very much around. Now, how come she can look so sweet and demure...

Su Ya?

That is NOT me


  1. Ha ha ha...isn't she so cute and innocent looking?

  2. She is such a cheeky and lovable girl, no one can be angry with her. :)

  3. Su Ya....very gaya lah your photo (the first one)!

  4. Su Ya.. her little mischievous twin hahaha

  5. Nancy, like all sugar and spice right? :)

    Mun, she is SO naughty, luckily she's cute.

    Magictree, only those who know her will know she is Su Ya!

    Ai, I like that! That mischievous twin does turn up rather TOO often though!