Thursday, January 28, 2016

Naughty - Part 2

So I decided she can't be winning ALL the time. Lately she's been dawdling over food. She would keep food in her cheek and can take a whole hour for meals. Last weekend, I wanted her to finish her portion of fruit - oh, 8 or 9 bite-sized pieces - before we went out for roti canai. Kiddo was still on her first piece after 15 mins. Told her to eat faster or we would go without her.  She swallowed that piece after 5mins. But the next piece followed the same pattern of going into the cheek. Told her we will go and pack a roti for her. She said no, no, she wanted to go too. Waited another 10mins, the second piece of fruit was still in her cheek.  OK that was it.

We left without her. Kiddo bawled. But I figured this was a good training occasion since we really didn't have to take her along.

Mummy naughty!

Jo-jo naughty!

When we got back (with a piece of roti for her), decided it was debrief time.

Me: Su Ern, next time you want to come to the roti shop?
SE: *Nod nod*
Me: How come you didn't come with us today?
SE: Be-coh, kakak Gen naughty
Me: Hmm? Why kakak Gen naughty??
SE: Be-coh, kakak Gen say, Su Ern you don't go.

Gngngnnnnn how to get through to this hard nut?? It's always somebody else who is the 'naughty' one!

Kakak naughty!

But as hubby pointed out, somehow he is never accused. Hah what a little suck-up... yeap she might make it as a politician one day.


  1. Her crying posture is always the same. After she said someone else is naughty, did you tell her again that she couldn't go because she took too long to eat her fruits?

  2. Could it be that your hubby is not the discipliner? It could be the reason he is never accused?

  3. haha so hubby becomes the 'good guy'. He must be so pleased.

  4. Wakakaka. .kakak naughty....memang good politician.

    Good training, Stacy. Yea we do that too. If he merajuk then terus say no to him.

  5. Mun, yeah told her. Whether it sunk in or not is another matter.

    Nancy, you hit the nail on the head! He's the one taking the easy way out. Kid wanna do something? Let her do it la. Kid cry coz wanna buy something? Buy la.

    Magictree, he is rather pleased. Haha.

    SK, what to do right. :)