Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Goldilocks story

We were reading Goldilocks at bedtime.  I assigned a character to each girl for them to say the respective lines.

This story is Little Red Hen. Next is Goldilocks

JE was Baby Bear and SE was Goldilocks.

As usual the story ended with the bears discovering the eaten porridge, broken chair and Goldilocks still sleeping in the baby bear's bed.

JE: (As baby bear, shows angry face at Goldilocks)
Me: And Goldilocks ran away and never came back.
SE:  *runs away
SE: (U-turns and runs back to us)  And Goldilocks was so angry at the bears, she came back and turned into a VAMPIRE!

Now I wonder how THAT story ended!  Haha.  Was getting late so didn't pursue it.


  1. SE can be the next JR Rowling with encouragement from you. This vampire Goldilocks can be continued by SE on another day.

  2. Ha ha! And when Goldilocks came back as a Vampire, all the bears ran away!

  3. Haha so cute! Something Lil Pumpkin would have said too! She was so into vampires and ghouls last time.. and the Monster High Sch craze :p

  4. This little girl is a natural comedian.

  5. Mun, she does like telling stories. Not Harry Potter level yet.

    Nancy, that IS a suitable ending!

    Ai, oh yeah Monster High. :)

    Magictree, this girl makes me laugh.