Thursday, March 23, 2017

Penang trip 2017

After chickening out the previous trip, it was Penang for this school holiday.  Now, this was the apartment I've been hankering to stay in!   This was Maritime Suites, Georgetown.

Floor to ceiling windows with a sea view

Chilling out 

Stairs up as it's a duplex unit

Master bedroom with 2 queen beds, perfect

While the apartment was beautiful, the facilities weren't.  There was only one chest-deep swimming pool and it was packed the one time we checked it out.  Didn't bother with it again.

Food was mainly hawker style.  As usual I hardly take photos of food but it was the usual suspects... assam laksa, curry noodles, CKT, apam balik, ikan bakar, koay teow thng etc etc.

Wow, we managed to find a parking space AND a table!


I was quite excited as it's been years since I saw "lok-lok" sold this way.  In KL these are all sold via mobile vans these days.   Not everyone was impressed though...

You, stop playing with your food and EAT PROPERLY

My kids prefer playing to eating.  Took them to the Youth Park, this was well-received:

I love you, you love me

Play time!

One monkey

The monkey again (didn't think to dress them in shorts)

Ice-cream break!

It was a very hot day.  Otherwise the pools area would have been really nice.  There were three different pools, the girls chose this one:

Splash you. then you splash me


Dropped by Ghee Hiang for some biscuits.

It's been many years since I'd been to Penang, and in hindsight I should have planned out more activities.  Should have gone to Batu Feringgi and Kek Lok Si temple.  Oh well, next time.


  1. looks like everyone had fun! I recognise the pink dresses made by your mom for the girls. the view from your rented unit is very nice. how many days were you in Penang?

    1. Haha yes the pink dresses. SE's is getting short already. I was in Penang 4d3n.

  2. Nice sea view from your apartment. We have been talking about a trip to Penang but so far, nothing happening yet. Lol! Looks like a wonderful trip for your girls.

    1. Penang will suit foodies like you haha. And you're already located up north.. go, go!

  3. the suite looks beautiful! how great if owned such comfortable home :)

    1. I looved the view! Err but most of my family spent more time looking at TV/iPad/phone screens!

  4. wah wonderful view from the apartment. sure have lovely time

    1. The apartment was the highlight! Not that the kids seemed to appreciate the view.

  5. Wow...nice apartment with even nicer view! Ah..I remember the sweet pink dresses too. I like Penang a lot.